Friday, March 12, 2010

San Pellegrino Vs. Perrier - They're all the Same Right? Wrong!

I was out to dinner the other night with a friend when he questioned me when I complained that the restaurant only served San Pellegrino water. He insisted that there is no difference from Perrier and to stop being an idiot and to place my order. Reluctantly, I ordered the San Pellegrino to find that there was a difference, and it was for the better! Maybe it was the lighter carbonation, maybe it was a bit crisper..."WHATEVER THE REASON"...the fact is I liked the taste and sucked down three of them!

The next morning I was doing my grocery shopping and went to the beverage isle to buy my water and suddenly was hit with yet another life changing decision....Is it going to be a pack of the good old standard Perrier? Or, am I going to bail on my old favorite and make the switch to Pellegrino?? In this case I threw a pack of each into the cart and moved on to the best part of the store ..the prepared foods section at Whole Foods!

Where is the relevance?? I couldn't stop thinking about how these trivial decisions are made every day in our lives and how they sometimes can overflow into our business life! I know, your probably saying " Not ME!" With all do respect to MR. Not Me, if your human, your effected to some extent! It is called life.

In my Demand Gen world, and probably just like yours, I'm always having to make vendor decisions, communicate to prospects on how my firm is different than the "other company they dealt with" and constantly looking to find ways to be better at helping our clients. With all of this "STUFF' going on around us it is easy to let slip through the cracks some of the potential greatest solutions and products that could have been presented to us. We have all done know the objection lines.."Sorry, tried that before. Sorry, not interested. Sorry, not on my radar." Oh man, need I say more?! It happens all the time... We think we have it covered so we neglect to REALLY listen!

Remember, from the most simple lessons in life we can learn so much more! There is never only one way! Never stop surprising yourself!

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  1. Oh my god you misspelled "you're" three times in two sentences. Also, aisle is spelled "aisle." Go read a book